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A Recovery Lifestyles Support Class

Zelda Divine's Journal is a recovery lifestyles support class designed for those with substance abuse and co-ocurring disorders.  It is an educational approach drawing on literary analysis, journaling techniques, peer support, and psychological studies.  It is a safe, private and intimate class experience in discussion and/or journaling.  

The Journal, Autobiography of an Amnesiac by Zelda Divine is a series of entries written by the fictitious Zelda who tells her gripping story of recovery from drug addiction, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, and mental instability.  Zelda is an ultimate survivor.  Based on a real case study, she demonstrates that tenacity endurance, and hope can, indeed, get her through anything.  Her resiliency takes her through trial after trial finally resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Through an identification with her virtues the student can transcend his or her own adversity and become victorious.


Meeting Mondays  6:00pm  -  7:30pm
in Waynesville
for those with substance abuse/co-ccurring disorders. 

Contact Jane for a class near you.
(828) 400-5851
"It celebrates the mental and spiritual aspects of recovery.  Well worth reading."
 Art Dosch, North Carolina Psychological Associate, Meridian Behavioral Health

"What a dramatic and incredibly crafted book!  Filled with despondency and euphoria, hatred and love, cruelty and tenderness, rejection and acceptance, heartache and joy...The author takes you on an artful and intense journey from a bipolar wilderness through complete brokenness to a place of healing for the soul."

Lynne C. Galloway, BSN, RN, CCHC, Nursing Administration and Management, retired

"Ms. Sperry has written a most excellent psychoeducational tool.  It is top notch."

                   Eric Sarratt, MA, LPC, LCAS, CCS, Substance Abuse Counseling Instructor at Southwestern Community College 

Join us for a creative arts retreat weekend!  Use creativity to tell your story and leave a personal legacy.  Build trust and enjoy the camaraderie.  Experience the joy of being alive!

Creative Arts Therapy and Education (CATE) is a change program of self-discovery or recovery that integrates counseling strategies with the arts.  Through the process of creating a video, personal challenges may be worked through and either altered, managed or overcome.  The video evolves from the participant's own material, artistic medium, and sensibilities.  Counseling techniques are woven into the creative process supporting and guiding that journey.  The participants are immersed in an intensive, personal, artistic, and therapeutic environment collaborating with professionals in search of something foundational, crucial, and new for themselves and for those they love.  It can be an intense and  powerful format stimulating personal change.

 It takes courage to go out on a limb.  Change is risky business.  Self-examination is not easy.  But as Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living."

                                                WEEKEND RETREAT        $330  

                                                LOCATION                              Western North Carolina


                            Creative Arts Retreats can be organized in your own area.  Contact us for further information.


Classes are available in Waynesville, Franklin, and Asheville locations.  Contact us for further information.



There are three distinct parts of the curriculum.  Part One:  THE PATTERN shows the pattern of Zelda's addiction, the men in her life, and the mental challenges she experiences.  Part Two:  THE NAMING OF THE BEAST reveals through therapy sessions her innermost thoughts and feelings regarding her past, her family, and the nightmares she has experienced.  Part Three:  THE TRANSFORMATION is where all the pieces fall into place with Zelda situated in a caring community, with a network of support, and spiritually connected.  It is a journey out of fragmentation and confusion ending in a startling picture of Zelda as a whole, beautiful, and moving mosaic.


  • Awareness of unhelpful behavior patterns.


  • Knowledge of the issues surrounding substance abuse.


  • An array of coping skills.


  • Clarification of personal values.


  • Improved communication skills.


  • Improved relationships.


  • Group solidarity and support.


  • Improved self-esteem.


  • Empathy for others with different challenges.


  • A sense of purpose in life.
"I really enjoyed listening to all the group members' ideas, experiences, and stories."

"I noticed some parallels between myself and Zelda."

"I now have the ability to look at things differently."

"I learned that other people go through some of the same things I go through.  I am not alone."

"Zelda' Divine's Journal is inspiring."

"This curriculum is valuable and will change lives."

"The group leader was a wonderful, capable facilitator who kept our attention and interest."


JANE SPERRY JONES has a Master's Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Louisville (1983) and is working on a Master's Degree in Counseling from Lenoir Rhyne University (2016).  She has been a professional actress for ten years and has taught English, Theatre, and Improvisation for 12 years in Chicago, Boston, and New York City.  She has studied playwriting at Playwright's Horizon's in New York and has been a therapeutic writer for 30 years.  Jane now works in mental health and is currently working on a screenplay after finishing a curriculum for self-discovery and a journal called Autobiography of an Amnesiac.

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